Tuesday, 17 July 2007

Darling Danielle

This week I got the opportunity to photograph Danielle. She is such a precious little girl who is 6 weeks old. She was born with Down Syndrome and there was some concern for her heart. On the second appointment the Heart Specialist told the Mommy that he was prepared to tell her that Danielle would need open heart surgery but amazingly the holes closed in the last 2 weeks. He said he couldn't explain it, but she could. She is a woman of God who believes in the Power of Prayer. She knows this special child is a gift from the Lord and she counts her a blessing. Danielle has an awesome big sister who adores her. It was so fun to photograph them.

I thought that Danielle would sleep alot during the shoot, boy was I wrong! She must have been too excited about being in the spotlight. But I did capture this picture while she was blinking. I thought it looked convincing and Mommy said it looks just like she was sleeping. Of course she did fall fast asleep as soon as we took her out of the Studio.

I LOVE this picture of Mommy's hand and Baby!! My huband told me he didn't like it becuase the Baby is out of focus, I said PERFECT, that is exactly what I was going for! I think this is a precious picture.

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