Monday, 16 July 2007

Savor the Moment Photography

I decided to start a Savor the Moment Blog so that I can easily share my Photography Passion. I have always been interested in Photograhpy. While in High School I took Photography and Developing classes. But I didn't do much after that.

About a year ago my husband bought me a Canon Rebel for my birthday. He knew I really wanted a camera so I could pursue my passion. Last August my husband bought me a Studio Light kit and I have slowly but surely added to our Studio Collection. I got a backdrop stand just last week.

Brian really enjoys this Hobby too, he loves to photograph our kids sport teams and he does a great job. He also loves to take pictures of flowers and interesting buildings. I prefer to photograph kids and babies. We got the opportunity to take portraits for all the couples who attended the Military Marriage Conference.


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